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You can't find your passion! You'd have to create it!

According to a recent research done by three scientists at Stamford University the famous quotes like “Follow your passion” leave the impression that following your passion is an easy thing to do. However your full interests are not fully prepared and ready for this voyage. Moreover they need an excessive hard work in which you’d have to do the necessary steps in order to develop the skills needed for achieving the specific goal. More often than not, if you are willing to develop your passion this would be way more difficult than it seems. You will need days, weeks and months, even years of hard work until you eventually reach your goal. 

The three of the scientist made a laboratory research in which they have examined the beliefs that led the people towards the success or the other way round. The people examined would have passion for science, technology, engineering and math or social sciences and art. All the 470 of them were observed while watching videos and reading books on the topic of what they were interested about. It resulted that the people who happen to be obsessed with one of the topics were more likely to understand the material and end watching the video or reading the text. 

The research showed that being focused only on one topic means that the people are less likely to notice other potential topics that might call their attention. Wallton, one of the scientists, claims that this determined view on the things is the key to the success. 

If you are determined and have a belief that the interest is congenital, the chances are you won’t be interested in any other topic. On the other hand, if you believe that the interests could develop and be improved you will think that you are able to become smarter or get better in something which gives you a greater chance to achieve positive result. The number of the interests you might have is unlimited, therefore you might consider expanding the focus. If you manage to do this you have greater chance to achieve anything you want!


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    • The focus creates! Whatever you focus on, it grows. You can´t focus on a lots of things as your attention will be devided, therefore the result won´t be big. Choose one thing that you are gonna get obsessed with and have a burning desire for. In that case it´s yours!

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