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What is Life?

What is life? Life can be beautiful. Life can be strange. Yes, it is not always moonshine and roses.  It is full of hardships and  pain. Life is not always fair, the good ones’ suffer while the bad ones’ ride the train on another’s misery. One way or another, the wheel turns, slowly but surely. It doesn’t help to go lie on a heap wallowing in self-pity. You have to get up. You have to go on. You  have to keep moving, day by day. Deal with the problems while putting a smile on your face. You have to stay strong. Your strength comes from within. Every dark cloud has a silver lining but it is impossible to find that lining when you’re blind to what can be.

Live life to the fullest, you only have one chance. Once chance, to make a difference in someone’s life. One shot at happiness, no matter what. You never know when your last day may be.  Anything can happen. It is up to you, at the end of the day.

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Take retrospection of your life. Can you say no matter what happens, you have lived a life of meaning? Or did you waste it away. Some people leave footprints in your heart.  Most of the time, they won’t even know it. Often they won’t even remember you. Or what they did to make a better you, what they said that has impacted your life.  They were sent for a reason. Either to make you realize something or just to put that smile back on your face.

Some people were meant to stay in your life forever. Others only for a season. Once they have done what was meant to be done, they will go away again. Don’t try to hold on and eventually destroy yourself. Or wait for too much water to flow under the bridge. It causes unnecessary pain and suffering. Let go of the bad, but hold on to what is good.  Don’t let others plant lies in your head, hold on to what is true. Face the facts and do something about it.

And love, ‘it is better to have loved once and lost it than to never have loved at all.’  Love your neighbor, love a stranger. Nobody is meant  to go through life alone.  Share your days with those you care about.

What is inevitable? Such a broad spectrum. It is inevitable to sometimes hurt. It is inevitable to sometimes feel lost. To feel that darkness is consuming you at times. But hold on, the light is there at the end of the tunnel. What is one fact that is totally inevitable?  Everybody lives, everybody dies.  What happens in between is up to you.

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One thing to remember, what happens to you after death, is up to you. Will you choose wisely and go on to live eternally?  Or will you let the darkness step in and consume you, eventually destroy you?

Every single person that has walked the face of the earth, throughout history and in the future still to come. The timing was 100% the right time. Your whole existence was planned. Long before you were even a thought.  Your were meant to meet some people, either for a minute or a lifetime, whom you wouldn’t have met if you lived a hundred years ago.  Some will be bad, cut them out of your life but hold on to the lesson learned.  Others will be good, have fun with them, laugh with them, learn from them.

Bottom line is….Life is Life

Philippians 1:21

For to me to live is Christ & to die is gain.


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Written by Della


  1. An amazing post. I have enjoyed reading it and it has touched me deeply. Just yesterday fellow colleague has passed away and I am feeling a bit low. I know that he is in a better place now, but I feel so sad. He was a very good man. He will always stay in our memories, but the sad part is that we will all continue with our lives. He will be mentioned for few more days and then he will just simply disappear from our minds. But, that is life. I will share your post on g+ and twitter.