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Walk Away The Pounds Journey And The Keto Lifestyle

Many of you know I have been watching my weight. I lost 19 pounds thanks to my new way of eating and thinking. I try to eat mostly Keto friendly foods. Then I do Walk Away The Pound exercise dvds with Leslie Sansone.

Leslie Sansone is a great in helping others of all shapes and sizes become and stay healthy. I will never be overweight again. The doctor thought I had lung cancer, but it turned out alright. This was a wake-up call to walk the journey of good healthy living. I have 10 more pounds until I hit the ideal body weight according to my doctor.

Not looking too bad for my age lol.

Enjoy your day, enjoy the little things as Carol always inspires me to say.-


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Written by LaJenna


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    • Yes Witty Feeds I am on the Keto diet. I have to exercise as well. I can’t cheat at al or I gain two pounds lol. I am still feeling great on this way of eating and exercising Thank you!

  1. I’ve explained the keto diet to many people and I’ve even pointed out that one reason that fasting is so healthy is that it forces the body to start using ketones instead of glucose. Sooo many people fail to understand, though, that the key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. Keto can help, but the activity does need to be there. It sounds like you have it covered. Good job!

  2. I’m glad that you’re clear of that scary sickness … it shall never come back!! I forbid that!!
    Admire your determination to keep fit and healthy and staying with the plan …
    I always give up halfway through … esp when pain comes in … (muscle aches)

    You’ve been a great inspiration!! Take cares and Stay healthy!!

    • I thank you alibb for the kind comment. If you jog in place for 15 minutes that is the same as walking a mile. it will help your pain a lot. You can slowly march in place for a few minutes each day. Build it up and before you know it you will be walking for an hour. It is fun and rewarding.

      • Ok, I can add those to my stretching exercise …
        I’ve been accompanying my mother doing some simple stretches …
        I can add marching on the spot to the routine!

        Thanks for the tips 🙂

  3. Congratulations. I admire people who are too strong to change their life for a healthier lifestyle. Although I have never has problems with my weigh, but I know how many struggle to start losing weight. You did it. Your example may inspire others.

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