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Virily Prayer Request Circle

I thought I would start a prayer request circle. This means anyone that needs prayer can post it,, and put the power into their situation. I have always heard and read that prayer is powerful. The more prayers the more power. I do know that sometimes the answer is no, or not now later  This is just my opinion.

I want to be the first to ask for a prayer request. My prayer is about someone that I know that is involved with someone that I love, and is choosing to go down the wrong path. He is a good man deep down, but his medical condition is causing him to be unstable. My heart is weary, but I am trying not to doubt the world’s creator.

I would like everyone to think of the song “Hero” by Mariah Carey. This song helped me when I went through a divorce. The Hero does lie within us all but in times of struggles, the Hero within us seems small and almost invisible. All things that trouble us will soon be better at least. I do believe, when we stand tall like Heroes, then, the world will look brighter, and full of possibilities.

I told myself this morning that I would not doubt God because he was stronger than the problem of mine, but I still need a lot of prayers to go along with the Hero within me.

Pray for all the prayer request that will be posted here, that their troubles will not stay long enough to harm them. They will work themselves out for the good of all the people requesting prayer. God bless!

Here is a link to the song Hero sung by Mariah Carey.


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Written by LaJenna


  1. Thank you so much for this I know my friends The Mainvilles could use prayer, and I just ask for prayer for a good doctors appointment and blood work results on Tuesday as I have my well woman check!

  2. For me, prayer is something very personal. Before I go to sleep I always say one of many years. I have a lot of moments when I fall asleep before I get to the end. This is a great job. You are a very fighter.

    • Thank you for this great comment. Remember to come back here when you need prayer, and post what the prayer is for. The more people the greater power i have always believed.

  3. First of all I loved the song. It gave me chills. I believe that prayer is very powerful, I also believe there is a very simple perfect prayer from the heart. It is not my job to tell my Heavenly Father what I need. So while I converse, my real prayer is this “I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you and guide me to be of service to others. Thy will be done.”

    Maybe I am very strange. I do pray for others and those happen in conversations. Maybe that is too deep here.

    • Thank you for the nice thought. If I would have had this post o0n when you went through that fire condition, more members would have seen it and prayed too. You can come back to this post whenever you need a prayer about concerns.