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Friendships May Be Found While Going Through The Valley Of Tears

Today I walked through old memories

hoping to find what I had lost

and bring them back home

What I found was peace

through the valley of tears.

I stood up

and I feared no evil

for I am not alone

for my creator told me

to be assured

he has not left me

alone on this earth


God never left me

He hand-picked friends for me

to  give me comfort

and learn

and then one day

to help others in the same way.

I know

That is called




Going through hard times people fear like pure evil itself, however, the right comfort can bring peace of heart and mind. Our creator knows what he is doing. He planted us where we are for many reasons. Our Virily friends are no accident either. I actually did not know why I decided to write on Virily. Sure, I enjoy writing, but I felt something drew me here for other reasons. I have always heard that coincidences are not accident. The people that we meet can learn from one another. I have learned that others have had sorrows just like I have suffered sorrows. I see many positive things from these people. They keep on inspiring others and bringing smiles along the way in spite of their sorrows they are suffering from. It seems as we grow older we grow more and more likely to suffer in some way or another, but we also can learn many things from our suffering. Then pass the learning on to your fellow man, that one day we may just call them all friends.

I want to thank God first of all for the friends he has sent me. I love all my Virily friends. There’s a few that have helped in more ways than one. They are Carol DM, Albert Herdianto Widjojo, Kim_Johnson, lacho59, Alex Ledante. I know I am forgetting many, but just know that you are special to all of your readers in many ways

Carol DM has suffered in many ways about different things, and she has taught me how to still see the beauty of this world. She gives us beautiful sunsets to look at. Her posts always leave me inspired in one way or another. Thank you Carol DM!

Albert Herdianto Widjojo brought art into my life in a special way. I learned that all drawings have a story to tell, and I am learning how to find out their meanings.

Alex Ledante has taught me through his drawings to stand up, and not let life defeat me. His female drawings show strength within themselves. I needed to learn how to carry on through the tragedies that I have faced. Feeling beautiful starts from feeling beautiful from within, then the outside can truly shine with unstoppable strength. Thank you Alex!

Kim_Johnson has been making me smile each and every day by leaving humor behind through her daily writing. Now, I would like to tell Kim to keep on cheering all her readers up with her great humorous style. She has helped me turn many frowns into smiles.

lacho59 tends to leave me feeling like I want to learn more about this world. She writes about so many different things, and that alone has taught me to explore many different things within my writing and my life. She is a kind and thoughtful person. Her writing always makes me reflect on one way or another. Thank you lacho59!

Thank you one and all for reading this post. I hope I have shined a little hope into your lives. Remember, God has not left you alone to drown in your sorrows. He may just send you a friend or two.

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