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Things I Learned Being a Caregiver

It was never my intention to be a constant caregiver. More importantly, it was never their intention to need constant care just to function inside their home on a daily basis. I have no medical background and I possess very little patience. Yet here I am.

Make no mistake, I love them and I can and will continue to do whatever I can to keep their pain minimal and their quality of life bearable. Maybe from my experience others can learn something.

Please never ask a caregiver how they do it. We do it because we love these people. If we didn’t truly love them, we couldn’t do it. Nothing is perfect in our home. We are simply doing the best we can. The caregivers are not the heroes. The heroes are the ones trying to stay alive and make a difference in this world.

We don’t get much sleep. Our needs come last. Sometimes we hide our own special treats. Our desires are simple we want to those around us feeling loved, comfortable and some quality of life. We don’t need your pity, a little understanding would truly be appreciated.

In some future posts I am going to share some of the amazing acts of kindness that can help caregivers. Maybe we can make a difference.


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  1. “The caregivers are not the heroes”. Here I’ll beg to differ with you, Trenna. Those caring for loved ones 24/7 on an ongoing basis, getting so little recognition, always putting their own needs last, are true unsung heroes. They deserve much more encouragement, reward and respite. I believe you are doing a great job.

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