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The stigma of old age in youth culture

How do we perceive old age? Who is an old man to us? Is our age an advantage? Is it a flaw? Is it any significant fact? After all, the truth is that we live in a global culture of youth, where two things are hidden – old age and death.

To be old one in a cruel society permeated with the cult of youth and young body’s beauty, neoliberal dogmas as the only truth without any alternative, is to open up and publicize your disability or retreat into solitude so as not to disturb the young and the beautiful.

It has been clear to me for many years that there is a painful lack of such things as happy elderly couples enjoying life in cafes, restaurants, and other public spaces. Unlike in Italy or Hungary, we rarely see an older man working as a waiter in a restaurant – everyone is looking for young handsome girls.

Retired professors, artists, and teachers in my country are disappearing surprisingly quickly from the field of culture and publicity in general. Old age has become a stigma for us. Old age seems to remind you that it is time to become a private person again – a person just for yourself, just as you were before all your creative or just human achievements.

I always liked listening to old people, they hide so much wisdom. I do not consider any person as old. No. To me, they often seemed younger than me with their courage, lightness, attention to another, and passion for life.

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