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The engineer made the plane home in the jungle

A retired electrical engineer in the US state of Oregon has built a Boeing 727 aircraft between dense forests and made it his home. When he was 20 year old, he bought a piece of land in the forest for 20,000 euros, where he wanted to create new things from old goods, Initially, he thought he would build a house through Cargo Vans.
A few years later, Bruce heard of a woman whose house was burned by a fire and she has made the plane her home for living, So Bruce also vowed that he, too, would make the old plane his home.

For this purpose, he selected the Boeing 727 of the Olympics Airways standing at Athens Airport. and bought it for 85 thousand euros, but the big problem here was the plane transfer.

The aircraft was brought from Greece, which cost him extra and installed it at the designated location, but the big wings of the aircraft were a major problem in the dense forest and for this he removed the wings and later add back.

Standing in the natural environment between the trees, the plane became the center of sight worldwide and tourists came from far away to see it .Bruce creates rules for visitors with a top shoe ban.

To enter the plane, the shoes of the tourists are taken down the stairs and they are allowed to enter without shoes.

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