US Election 2020 : Transgender' senator has been elected For the first time in America

Transgender Sarah McBride Wins Delaware State Senate Race. Following this success, she became the first and only transgender senator in the United States to openly acknowledge being transgender.

Sarah McBride, 30, who easily defeated Republican Steve Washington in Delaware said, “I hope tonight a LGBT kid will show how open American democracy is to transgender people,”

Sarah tweet after Wining 

McBride has a reputation for social work in her area. She was previously a former spokeswoman for the LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign and rose to prominence in 2012 when she resigned as president of the American University Student Body.

She also appeared as a transgender during her school days and later interviewed the Obama administration, becoming the first transgender woman to work in the White House.

McBride became known as the first transgender political speaker to speak at the Democrats’ major political convention in Philadelphia in 2016 and has now won the Senate battle in 2020.

Be clear, A report by the LGBTQ Victory Fund revealed that there are currently four transgender members in the US state parliament, the first being Danica Room, who won a seat in the Virginia House in 2017. 

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