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The Cost of Independence

Since the Philippine Independence Day will be celebrated on the 12th of June,  please allow me to share this story regarding independence.

After being hired to a teaching position, I know that my daughter will have to stay in the place where she will work to ensure she will be able to come to class on time. In our place, the start of class is usually 7:30 Am and the teacher should come earlier than that. Actually, I work in the same place but I can manage to travel back and forth every day. The start of office is 8:00 AM.

I suggested that she should with my Mother’s house (her grandmother) but she told me she wants to be independent so she needs to find her own boarding house. I tried to look for a boarding house and told her the monthly rental. She started computing her salary and after one whole night of computation, she told me she will just stay with my Mother.

“I thought you want independence?”, I asked her.

“I didn’t know independence would be that costly” was the reply.

“Yeah I know, our ancestors gave up their own lives for independence. And you should know that because you are a social studies teacher.”

Thank you for reading.

Written by Sharon Lopez for Virily.Com – All Rights Reserved 2019


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  1. I understand your point, in fact we have paid a great price to achieve our independence from Brits. By the way ours is day after tomorrow on 15th August. We got it in 1947. Incidentally we celebrate our National day on 26th January which incidentally is Australia Day too. All the best….

  2. A very interesting story, dear Sharon … independence can be very expensive and painful … my daughter saw that it is the most beautiful and especially cheaper to live at home

  3. My children are also independent. One lives in my home country – Bulgaria. The other is here in Spain, but the distance between the cities we live in is about 800 km. Young people need self-sufficiency

  4. Now, my both children live separately from us, they are independent both. Son earns very much compared with his sister, my daughter, but she also is able to sustain herself. I never hurried them to leave our house, but it seems time comes, and they better know when and where they want to live.

    • One of the things that can bring joy to the parents is to see their children having success in their chosen field. I am glad to know that your children are successful. For me, my youngest daughter is still my baby and if possible I want her to stay where I can see her every day. But I know she has plans of her own.

    • Thank you, Milica for sharing your thought on this topic. Renting a room is really costly nowadays. I’m glad that my daughter decided to stay with my Mother. Though I want her to learn, I just could not have a peace of mind knowing that she could not take care of herself. Besides, my Mom also wants her granddaughter to stay with her.

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