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Poetry: Always Fly High Not Low

Time to fly

And spread my wings high

that I may need a parachute

Looking down

On the little ants called people

And imagining

What great things

Will happen today

It is really up to me

Don’t you see?


Imagine flying high up in the sky as free as a bird, looking down on people, that are as small as an ant. Then, wondering what you will do next.

If we want to enjoy life more abundantly, we need to fix our eyes high up in the sky.  This means to fly as high as you need to, in order to see a brighter future. Looking down on life, keeps your head buried in the sand. What we do with our opportunities in life, are our own. Do we want to fly high, and experience great things, or fly low, and feel like we are hitting the ground all the time? Sometime life could have made me fly low, but I am a fighter, and every time life pulled me down I reached out in faith for better tomorrows, and started flying high again. I am a stronger person because of the trials I have had to face.

Keep flying high!


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. You don’t want to fly to low, because the spray from the waves will waterlog your feathers and you’ll drop out of the sky like a stone BUT you don’t want to fly too high, or the sun’s heat will melt the wax holding your feathers on and your wings will fall apart…


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