Haiku Poetry 10 Day Challenge #6: Blame or NOT to Blame God

Part 1

My hearts ponders why

People have such little faith

When facing problems


Part 2

They tend to blame God

Instead of blaming the world

And its bad choices


Part 3

Examine yourself

We are all accountable

For our own actions


Part 4

Reach for the heavens

Pray a heartfelt prayer to God

And have childlike faith



I know someone that is blaming his problems on God. He told me “God does not love me to allow this to happen to me.” I told him that doubt alone can cause our problems to get worse. Thinking positive may just help people’s problems solve themselves, or just helps us have a healthier outlook on life. I know that the problems that I have suffered through are not God’s fault. I do believe that the reason my problems have improved themselves, is because I kept the faith by allowing peaceful thoughts to surround me.

This reflection is just my opinion on how I feel about people blaming God for their troubles. But when those heart wrenching problems happen, just know God did not do that to you. He can help you find peace though. When we are all hurting from life’s tragedies, just know God is not to blame. I know some members here have lost a child etc, and yes, the first instinct may be to blame God, but that is just our pain talking. Comfort is what can help ease our pain. This post is mainly about people that blame God for every little thing that goes wrong in there life. If everything goes fine, then God is good, but if things are not so good, then God would get all the blame for it all.


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. If you give your life to god, on some level you are abdicating personal responsibility. If you blame god for your problems, you are doing the same thing. So whether you blame or praise him, you are still giving your life over to him…

  2. Quite a lot of people who behave like that! The reason is that God is omnipotent, so that great power is what has caused them trouble. As you say, the key is to nurture peace, conquer fear, and accept sincerely all that goes while still do something to solve problems, or make it a lesson to grow!

    • Watch the movie “Love comes softly.” It tells about a women who lost her husband and how she made the peace she needed to go on with the world. He can’t tell his people that nothing bad will happen due to sin, but he does promise to be there with you.

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