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As I’ve already got used to all my posts contain photos and text of their own!

In the following I present one of the most beautiful indoor flowers, whether we are talking about apartments or houses!

In the world there are many species of orchids, in different shapes or colors!

One of the important factors necessary for the flowering of orchids is light!

If they don’t have enough light, the orchid doesn’t bloom!

There are also many species of orchids that smell!

It is said that long ago the orchid was the flower that could only be held by the rich!

In principle, the world thinks they are difficult to maintain, but it is not at all!

In this personal photo I tried to edit it and add one of the essential factors, ie the light!

From what I remember in the world there are over 700 species!

I don’t know exactly!

If you love flowers and you like to care for them, I recommend the orchid!

As simple as it is so beautiful!

Make sure it has enough light and water!

You will have a wonderful orchid!

That’s about orchids!

If you managed to read this far, thank you very much!

Hope you have a good opinion about my editing!

I wish you all the best weekend, with good weather, with family and friends!

With your love always #Original Lorso ♥ ️

Until next time have a Virily

good Time! 



Just be yourself!

See you next Time!

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