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Strategy for books!

Greetings Dear friends!
I use google translate, i am not so good on english! In this article I want to talk a little about a strategy to introduce in the school library where I work new books!

It is somewhat a program by which we aim to stimulate children, regarding the marketing strategy!

That’s the idea!

Of course we are at the second edition!

Now we were hoping to earn more money than usual
I told you they will be invested for the school library!

Unfortunately, the state or city hall did not participate with any help!

Each child will have 10 lei from home and pastry products, of course, juices!

Depending on how each one is organized, the largest donation will win 10 different books as an author!

They will have to sell their products, and spend the 10 lei in their turn!

We will have many meals prepared for them!

Also we, the school will have our strategy too!

We will sell them hot tea and hot chocolate for the same purpose!

Our sales will not be counted in their competition!

I was hoping that this year will be a success!

So much about that!

As for the photo, it is made with the mobile phone and then edited!

Thank you!

Have a flour day!

Yours always #Original Lorso

Thank you!


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Written by Lorso

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  1. Great idea Lorso, English is not my native language but as a young child, I was determined to learn the language. and by age 10 I was speaking fluently, I am not saying this to be boastful because God gives the increase in everything we take an interest in. I am saying books give you the power to change not only your life but those around you. May you experience abundant success in your project. One tip, I will give you, if I may… Avoid negative people and stick to your plan. Regards-Andre”

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