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Love from a distance – is it possible?

Do love really have no boundaries or love at a distance exists only in Hollywood movies?

Love at a distance is perhaps one of the most painful, as feelings are raging and can not be shared and consumed. The lovers meet rarely and for a short time and divide themselves with the promise “I will write to you, we will hear, I will wait for you!” And at the same time, the “eternal” love at a distance can be disturbed by regular infidelity.

Not everyone is created to love at a distance, unless it’s a short period of time (a few months or a year) in which miles to divide you from your beloved.

If, with the start of a link, it is clear that it will be just a distance, be realistic and think that a few hundred or thousands of kilometers will not lead to Happy End unless you eventually find no way to shorten the distance in the future to zero. It is important to be aware of what you expect from this relationship and what the man is expecting you and, of course, the desire is important.

Love from a distance – is it possible?

And do not expect phone calls, chatting and writing to shorten the distance. The modern means of communication are useful only when your beloved is absent for a short time but are not enough to fill the huge gap between you and your beloved, the mileage you share.

But if you’ve had a happy and long-lasting relationship with a person, but you have to be separated for a while, distance is the perfect test for the strength of your feelings and is therefore the best proof that your love has a future, sometimes it has to evolve from a distance.

Short-lasting sections of a few days or months because of distance can even be helpful and revitalizing your relationship – lack and nostalgia remind you of how much your favorite means to you. And once you get back together, you’ll probably feel like you’re just in love and lost.

The distance may quench the fleeting connection, but such separation fills the great love. Do you think so?

The photo is taken by my wanderers when visiting Italy.

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  1. Love is definitely possible at a distance. I met my wife online – (I was in Wales, she was in USA) – we talked on the web and on the phone for six months – we then physically met several times and then I made the decision to move over to the US. It took me six months to finally move – and it was the hardest time of our lives – but we eventually got married and just celebrated our 20th anniversary.

    And it doesn’t stop there – my brother who lives in England is dating a lady from South Africa – they have been a couple for about three years now and only see each other once a year.


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