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10 Golden Rules for Gladioli Growing

Dear friends, I started working. My time is limited. Surely I can be active on Saturdays and Sundays. In the house where I work from surin to evening there is an incredible garden. One of the many extensions is to take care of her. I have sought permission to photograph this gladiolus with an interesting color. Now I give you some interesting information from http://ladyzone.bg for these beautiful flowers

If you are the first time to plant these fine flowers, you should first learn about the rules of their cultivation.1. At first it is good to keep in mind that the flower does not like changing conditions.2. Gladioli love light. Shadow can ruin them.3. We must not plant large bulbs and smaller ones, because the big ones will suffocate the small ones. It is good to plant them from small to large.4. The biggest ones are better to separate elsewhere as the center of the flower garden.5. Bulbs must bury to the correct depth depending on the type of soil. If it is lighter, the bulb must have a layer of 4 times the height. In more loamy and heavy – three times. If the depth is not sufficient, a flower stem may not appear.6. The bulb must be pre-cooked, cleaned from the topmost denture.7. After planting it is good to watered during the day.8. The place of gladiolus should be airy. Otherwise, the flower can easily develop fungal diseases.9. During the summer gladioli are only watered once a week, but very plenty. If it is very hot, it is best to pour it in 3-4 days, as the soil around the stem is rummaging well.10. If we already have gladioli in our garden, but they are gradually getting smaller and on leaves and colors, we probably missed an important detail in their cultivation. It is recommended that their seats be changed in two years. The new must have a very different type of soil.

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