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Invest in yourself

It sounds funny because you would think, “Who do I invest for?” But there are many people who pursue success, which forget to invest for themselves. Or maybe they have invested but do not know how to invest properly. The aspects that you need to invest for yourself will include wisdom, health, and spirituality.

For wisdom: Increase your insights by reading books every day, watching the news and updating the latest trends. This will not take too much of your time. Do it when you are sipping a cup of coffee or enjoying breakfast.

For health: If the job is like a rubber ball, Falling down and bouncing back, then health is a fragile glass ball. If you missed your hand it could be scratched, cracked and even irreparable. And if there is no health, what can you do? So, exercise, exercise every day, Use healthy foods and get plenty of sleep every day.

For the spirit: A relaxed, optimistic spirit will give you the inspiration to work and help you make good ideas. Take care of your spirit by nourishing your soul. Write things that can make you feel bad and uncomfortable.Then try to avoid that and limit its impact on your spirit.


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Written by Ngoc Tran


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