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3 Tips For A Happy Life That You Would Love To Follow

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Everyone wants to be happy so here are some great tips for being a happier person today!

Chuck Exercise Out of The Window

Take out the word “exercise” from your dictionary. Along with exercise, also take out the words physical activity, aerobics, yoga, weight loss, calories, healthy food and anything that reminds you of your weight troubles.

Life is short so why waste it in gyms, parks etc. doing things that tire you out. Instead stay in front of TV, eat a double decker burger with french fries and fill the remaining space in the stomach with Coke. Then have at least 6 doughnuts as dessert. See how happy you are feeling right now!

Stay Up All Night:

It is so boring to go to sleep at regular hours every night. Instead stay up and do whatever you wish. Watch TV, post articles on Niume, dance, party or just update your Facebook account. You will feel like a zombie with a hangover the next day and your boss may fire you but hey…you just spent a night as a happy person, didn’t you?

Eat whatever you wish, whenever you wish:

Famous writer Stephen Leacock once said: “Don’t worry as to whether your food contains starch, or albumen, or gluten, or nitrogen. Eat as much as you can. The only test is can you pay for it?”

Excellent advice I would say. Why check labels, count sugar content, calculate calories and bother with BMI indices when you can have Burger King Triple Whopper with Cheese, Wendy’s Baconator Triple burger or McDonalds’ double decker beef burger with fries. If you can pay for it, just think how happy eating them would make you!

Disclaimer: These tips are for a happier life. I NEVER said they were for a healthier life. For healthy life, you have to care about what you eat, how much you eat and how much you exercise…and where’s the fun in that?


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