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Lovely places in small but beautiful Bulgaria Part I – Town of Lukovit

The pictures are very close to me in my Motherland. They are made with a mobile phone and are original.

Lukovit is situated on the two banks of the Zlatna Panega River. The entire Municipality of Lukovit is located in a transitional area between the Danube Plain and the Fore Balkan. Three rivers pass through its territory: the Iskar River, the Vit River and the Zlatna Panega River. The climate is moderate continental, lacking extreme summer heat and winter frosts, which are characteristic of the sharply expressed moderate-continental climate of the Danube Plain. As a result of these and other factors the soils on the territory of the municipality are characterized by great variety.

In the vicinity of the town of Lukovit there is a beautiful canyon on the river Zlatna Panega, the Kotlen area, unique rock formations “Kuklite” in Karlukovo karst plateau. Natural landmarks: the Kotlen Circus, the Daima Stonefill, the lagoon with the circular moorland. Squat – the canyons in the canyons: Igluto, Largo, Tepavica, Longoza, Rila, Vineyard.Rock Scyth – chapels in front of the entrances of the natural caves used for the shelter of monks hermits (“Gligora” and “St. Marina”). Cave with spring water stream: Panezhka Temna dupka – shrouded in guesses and unexplored. Rock figures and the circle in Kotlen: Ship Radetzky, Cape, Delva, Rezeto and others, as well as the rock shaft Vartopa. A total of 240 caves have been studied. Of these, 6 – the phenomenon “Prohodna”, “Bezimenna 22” (Double bass), “Zadenenka” and others, as well as the two rock phenomena – “Strupanets” and “Provertenika” – are declared as natural landmarks. The caves are the subject of a study by the Bulgarian Speleology Federation and the World Speleological Society, which chooses the region as a benchmark in the PIGEK International Carbon Survey Comparison Program. Some of the caves are unique monuments of human culture from the Paleolithic to the 14th century. Near the Lukovit is the first in Bulgaria “Iskar-Panega” Geopark, created under the PHARE program of the EU. It consists of two micro-regions – Karlukovo karst complex and Panega Landscape Park.

With the support of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism, the Geopark was created as a sustainable tourist product of geological, geomorphological or paleontological sites of aesthetic and cultural-historical value. It is located next to the main road E-83 Sofia-Pleven-Rousse, and at the entrance there is free parking with tourist information center. The Geopark includes: a beautiful canyon of the Zlatna Panega River with the unique rock formations “The Dolls”; Prohodna cave, accessible for walks of unprepared tourists and impressive with the grandeur of the “okna”, known as “The Eyes of the God”. Rock formations and caves are used as natural decor in the filming of our and foreign cinema productions – “,” Boris I “,” Asparuh “and others; Pavilions, shelters with free barbecue wood; National cave house “Petar Tranteev” – Karlukovo, which is included in the 100 national tourist sites and has a seal for stamping of tourist books; In the Geopark there are wonderful conditions for organizing perfect team-building among nature, including bungee jumps from the North entrance of Prohodna and alpine descent from the cave’s eyes, rafting and boat trip along the Zlatna Panega River, teambuilding outdoor programs, mountain biking, paintball, off-road and rock climbing.

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