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How to Improve Your Luck?

How can you be lucky in life? There is a bit of a science to it:  it appears it’s not about superstitions, like carrying a rabbit’s foot, not walking under ladders, etc. I for one never walk under ladders, but that’s because it is unlucky – not because I am superstitious. But seriously, how can you improve your luck? Well, it appears, a lot of it is down to your mindset. If you expect to be lucky, you will be! Simple as that? Well, maybe not. Here are some ways to cultivate that attitude which attracts fortune:

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  1. Don’t live in the past: Constantly re-playing events which happened years ago will not change what happened previously, but you can change the future by learning from your experiences and not repeating negative ones.
  2. Make the most of every situation: It is not so much about having better opportunities in life; it is more about being open to what is around you and making the most of everything, expecting the best from a situation, rather than the worst possible outcome. Lucky (i.e. positive) people often find that an unfortunate situation can be turned to their advantage. To give an example: a delayed train meant that a young man, an aspiring but struggling artist, was stuck between stations on the way home. He was artistically talented but not good at self-promotion. Instead of fuming about the delay which he could do nothing about, he filled the time by chatting to a stranger at the station.This lady turned out to be an art gallery owner. As a result of this initially unlucky circumstance, the artist in question now successfully exhibits and sells his art at the upmarket city gallery of his station acquaintance. Lucky people take the lemons life gives them and make lemonade.

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  3. Persistence pays off:  The saying goes, you have to be in it to win it, whether that is the national lottery, or the lottery of life. Unlucky people tend to give up at the first sign of things not working out, but lucky people persist, and try many different ways to get the result they want. One failed job application or bad date doesn’t mean you will never work or never love again. The more applications you make, or dates you go on (or frogs you kiss, to use a well-known expression from folk-lore) the more likely you are to hit the jackpot.

Luck is also about how you view your circumstances: it is not necessarily about having a big pile of money or a fabulous career, but more about doing what you love and loving what you do.


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Written by Maggie Bailey


  1. Happiness is a very relative thing for me – I’m happy that I’m alive and so healthy … it’s the greatest happiness for me

  2. Nice post. But I don’t believe in luck. This post however I’d not about improving luck. It’s about how to get the best out of life.

    On another note, how many rabbits got “unlucky” because people wants their feet as good luck charm?

    Another question if the horse shoe that was nailed on the wall for luck fell on your head, would you be considered lucky?



    • Haha! Good points artbytes26. There is an element of chance in everything we do though: we can’t control everything, so some things really are a lottery. So luck does exist, but we need to create it sometimes. I once heard it expressed as ” Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness”, which I think is an excellent aphorism.

      • Hehe. True there are some factors we can’t control. Then again we can always control how we respond. And being prepared is the best way to get the… Best of everything in every situation. Some results may not be favorable for us but we could always learn from it. 🙂

  3. I am working towards this every day. I work in a job that is stressful and does not appreciate anyone at all! But in a few more years, I’ll get to retire and go into another direction that I am just starting on. I have been reading everyone’s posts, I really want to the reading badge! I have come to conclusion after all of this reading, that I really need to work on my writing skills while I am still working so that when the time comes I’ll be slightly ahead of the curve. Everyone is so great and I feel like I am learning from everyone!

    • That’s great Leslie. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I find this a positive and inspiring website too, good community spirit here. Hope you can change jobs soon. As you say, often you need to work on changing these things over a long period of time.

  4. There’s no such thing as luck. If you live in the past then you’re not going forward anytime soon. Living in the past is an obstacle that some people don’t want to get over.

    • Absolutely TheOfficialAndrew. You have hit the nail on the head. I think some people, perversely, enjoy the state of victimhood, which is why they don’t want to let go of bad memories.