Wander project Amsterdam (Maduro Dam) last set of images from 2000…

One of the stops (and the pictures you see today) while on my first trip to Amsterdam was Maduro Dam. A lego based recreation of Amsterdam. You can walk around the unbelievable setup and see how incredible the art of lego can be. The thing I found the most incredible was the working fountains. The entire setup is pretty large overall. It covers probably 2 or 3 acres of ground. They had an indoor sand castle display when we were there the first time.

Visting Maduro Dam was an eye opening day trip. The other part of the trip was wandering by the World Count building. I would like to say we realized what the building was as we wandered by the World Court. The large limos should have been a dead giveaway. The building for world court is right across the street from Maduro Dam. It is also just up the street from the metro station so you can quickly get off the train and get to either location. We ended up getting lost as we came out of the train station but a very nice young lady pointed us in the right direction. She didn’t even snicker at us; we were standing in front of a sign that was pointing towards Maduro Dam.

We ended up spending the day at the park. We had a nice lunch (well cafeteria) and then a leisurely train ride back into the city itself. I think we spent a solid 5 hours in the park. It whetted my appetite for an eventual trip to one of the Lego parks. We finally managed to pull off that trip 16 years later, going to Legoland last summer (2016) in Denmark. I guess sometimes good things do come for those who wait.


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