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Blog: Fear of burnout before I even get in the career I'am pursuing

I just came off of my first week at my new job and I must say that I value every single hour of time off that I have. In-between the two jobs I have, I work five days out of the week, sometimes at both jobs two days out of the week. The first week gave me the opportunity to get a feel of the job itself and time off in-between scheduled time worked. Once the weekend came I took advantage of my time off the best way I knew how which was a well-needed 17-mile bike ride within the city of Chicago, hehe. 

Assessing how things went and the job itself, my plans are to stick around for either six months or a year then heavily pursue my career as a substance abuse counselor or at least get in with an agency that pertains to addictions counseling. My reasons are because I already have experience working with adults with disabilities, so it is nothing new, plus the stress is a lot higher being that the clients are lower functional. I value the experience of working with adults with disabilities, but I cannot see myself working in the field 10 + years, it just put so much wear on a person mentally. 

I’am very grateful to have had a successful transition from one job to another. And the new job offers benefits, higher pay, more work hours, and the possibility of more opportunities, but at the end of the day I would like to move on in the near future and pursue a career in substance abuse, even if it is a decrease in pay. My fear is the risk of burnout before I even get in the career field I’am pursuing in college which I have no interest in because what good will I be for my current job and where I plan to be in the future. 

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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    • I feel that way throughout the week, but once the weekend hits I feel stronger because luckily I have it off. I’am planning to make adjustments once I start registering for semester, or maybe I’ll just move somewhere else. I have lately been considering moving near family.