Advice on Handing Regrets-Need Your opinion!

Doc Anderson’s post inspired me today.  Here is his inspiring post. You will be inspired as well.

Doc Anderson posts got me thinking about regrets, and I have a question for you all. If you have been holding on to a regret that is more than a little bad, what would you do? I mean regrets about something so bad, that talking about it to people makes everyone say STOP.

I know someone that is seeing a counselor and has shared regrets he has been harboring. I can’t stand to hear it anymore. I have heard a lot in my days that shocked me, but this tops them all I think. Personally, I think he should forgive himself, bury them, and go on with his life.

My question

Should he keep counseling about certain regrets, or bury them forever. I know someone that chose to vent about their past, and then this person started having flair-ups for a long time. When this person buried it in the past, the person’s actions were better.

I know someone else that has buried the past, and has even told me she does not remember things that she said to someone, but knows the words were not good. She goes on better not knowing the full details of somethings she regrets that she said to someone years ago. She has moves on, forgave herself, and is a better person for it.

I want to advise the one person to just bury his past about his regrets. NOW, what is your opinion?


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What do you think?


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