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#182 Of The 365 Day Photo Challenge: LaJenna's Emotional Pains

This is #182 of the 365 day photo challenge. Anyone can join, just post a photo for 365 days.

I chose this picture due to the fact I am feeling hurt due to someone’s behavior. She is talking crazy, and putting me in the middle of all of it. If I tell her I have been walking 5 miles she calls that crazy, instead of supporting me. She is also talking the same way to other people she knows as well. She has been saying things that are not so to others.

I am hurting more than my finger was that day this photo was taken. Physical pain usually heals up, but how I feel may take longer if she doesn’t wise up. How should I handle this situation? I actually have been avoiding her lately. Her stress level will improve if she gets into counseling.


What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna


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  1. I’m sorry what you’ve to go through … I’m not good at dealing with such things too …
    I think it’ll be good to keep a distance from her, minimize contact. In worst case whereby you cannot avoid contact, you’ll have to learn to be selective in listening … lol, just hear the good stuffs and ignore the rest …
    Anyway, I hope things get better for you, take cares 🙂

  2. I am so sorry LaJenna. Ignore is always an option, but it brings no relief to the pain. If it helps I am impressed that you walk 5 miles, that you take care of your daughters, husband and that you are a wonderful person.

  3. I may not be the right person to give advice but as an online friend, I would try to share some thoughts. It would be possible to avoid people if we don’t have a direct connection with them, but if our life or work happens in the same place, it would be difficult to say, avoid them. Perhaps we can talk it over, make things clear and set a boundary.

  4. It isn’t easy, but learn to ignore it. It isn’t worth it to let it bother you. There are many people who are like that and they are only hurting themselves. That sort of behavior is as transparent to others as it is to you and chances are excellent that other people discount what she says about anything or anyone as being less than honest or accurate.

    The Bible is quite clear about gossips, which is what this sort of person is. But in the end, each of us can control only one person; ourselves. That is enough of a full-time job. The best you can do is hope that she sees the light sooner rather than later. I routinely pray for people like that because I’m quite aware that the longer they do it, the harder they will fall and I’d prefer that they don’t hurt themselves that much. Still, it is out of your hands.

      • Prayer can go a very long way and it is a powerful too. God is also quite aware when you are asking for His intervention when it is for the benefit of the other person as much or more than it is for yourself. We choose our friends, but we don’t choose our family. He knows this because he designed it that way.

        Be thankful that at least you haven’t gone through what Joseph had to endure in regards to his brothers.

  5. Remember all the things I told you my friend. We can only try helping those who want help. We cannot make them do anything. They have to make the choice. In the meantime you have to put distance between you two, somehow. Hugs.

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