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A Funny Precious Christmas Gift from The Past

Most of my viewers would not see how this vase could have a funny Christmas story behind it. One year my best friend handed me my Christmas gift, and her husband said, ” Now you got a peacock vase.” He knew I collected peacock things.He thought it was a peacock on the vase, but it is plain to see that there is a crane on the vase, not a peacock. This man was disappointed that the picture was a crane, and not of a peacock. He told me I could take it back,, but I loved the thoughts of them trying to get me something with a peacock on it, even though it has a crane on it. I will always cherish this vase. The feelings behind this gift will always hold a special part in my heart.

I do not think I have posted anything about my crane vase in the past.


Image Credit-LaJenna


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Written by LaJenna