Kim's colour crazy challenge – a colourful display

This image is packed with memories,  The trolley is a peace offering from my husband when we had an argument.  He took me to an exhibition and picked this trolley for me.  It is hardly used as a trolley though. 

The scented candle is a gift from a friend of mine who had returned from the US after spending some time with her daughter there. 

The marble sculpture is what I bought when I was on a holiday package in Europe.  I picked this up in Italy. I was told that I should bargain.  I got it for 50,000 lira.  Looks like a big amount. Right?  Converted to the Indian Rupee it was just Rs. 2000/-  The Lira is obsolete as now the currency there is the Euro. 

That dainty vase is a gift from my niece for our twenty fifth wedding anniversary and last but not the least those flowers are from my garden. 

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