The workout: December 4×4 Challenge

I completed my second workout this week with two more to go for the December 4×4 Challenge. Today’s workout I put in twenty minutes on the punching bag, and boy did it feel good! I added three more rounds and shortened my rest time which was just about enough time to take a sip of my drink, fueling me for another round.

I had to cut this workout short due to needing to hit the road in order to get to work at a reasonable time. I had a lovely ‘Fitbod’ workout I  put together that I will have to knock out once our gym hours return to normal after Christmas. As of late, I have been conversating with other gym members before getting my workouts in and it has been cutting into time. I do enjoy the conversations though because it gives me something else to look forward to other than the workout. 

Badge gained during this workout was Le Col Tick Off 2020 Challenge which required 400 minutes of activity. Seemingly these challenges that go by the minute end quicker than the hourly ones. Hell, it’s like Sweaty Betty 8 hour, 21 day challenge took me forever to complete, but I got it done. 

Got some cool pictures of the Christmas tree at work this evening. Happy Holidays everyone!


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