Tips for the choosing right swimming pool

Pool location and size

The pool is recommended to install on the side of the plot, where is mostly sunny, on the east-south side, which would not be shaded by the buildings. If groundwater is high enough, it is necessary to install drainage in the area of the pool, which protects the pool’s shell from water damage and deformation.

Pool size – according to needs, but it should be functional and useful. The most popular are mid-size and deep pools for refreshing for around 6-7 people. Traders say that today most popular are the mounted carcass pools.

Choosing a pool, you must take into account who will use it: if the pool is more likely to be used by young children, it is recommended to choose a pool of 76 or 84 cm depth, for teens 107 or 122 cm deep, and if the pool is to be used by adults, a 122 or 132 cm depth a swimming pool with a length of up to 7 meters.

Also, take into account how often pool will be used. If you only want to have a rest after sauna, there may be enough above the ground bigger pool, while a stationary, which is much more stable, is recommended for more people who like to swim or play in the water.

Larger swimming pools are always sold with a water filtration pump, ladders, pool cover and cover under the pool. You have to buy a swimming pool floor and walls brushes, leaves and other dirt grabbers, and vacuum pumps for dirt should be purchased additionally for the larger swimming pool. In order to enjoy the clear water for as long as possible, it is also advisable to use chemicals designed for swimming pools that regulate water acidity, disinfect and clear it.

Pools material

It’s very popular concrete pools, polypropylene pools, and now are popular fiberglass pools that have recently appeared on the market. If the pool needs to dig a pit, it is important to take into account the possibility of a crane-hoist entrance to the site, which is relevant for the installation of polypropylene and glass fiber pools.When installing these pools, a ready-made housing is inserted into the excavated and ready-made pit. The difficulty in maneuvering is the risk of damage to the corp of the pool. But, when choosing a factory-made pool corp, no complicated concrete work is required, no pool waterproofing and finishing work are required.

The installation time of the concrete pool is longer, but it is so convenient to install where it is difficult to enter technicians, it is possible to choose more varied sizes and shapes. The internal surface of the concrete pool is usually laid with a special, complete waterproofing film, waterproofed with special materials.

Fiberglass pools – a decade-old innovation. Pool’s body is covered with several laminate layers and is extremely durable, strong and longlasting. These pools are quick to install and construction works are simpler than when constructing a polypropylene pool. But the pool itself is more expensive.

Another popular type of pools is the carcass pools that do not need to be dismantled in winter. Some of them are made of galvanized steel, some made of polypropylene. But again, the practice of how they keep the winter is still low.


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