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Relaxing Garden ~ 365 Photos Challenge #129

Unlike a garden designed specifically for healing, meditation or specific spiritual purposes, the garden around a friend’s house we visited this Sunday seems to be without such concepts.

It may not contain a room or enclosure surrounded by an oasis of healing plants, including health-giving fruit and vegetables. Nor is it based on the incorporate aspects of either Zen or Feng Shui as a complete and total design. At least, that’s the narrative of the owner of this house even though he is a person who regularly performs yoga and meditation.

Even though not considering the design of spiritual, sensory, meditation and healing gardens, but this yard help balances the energies and realign the natural flow within our self, that’s what I feel as I sit and relax there. Without special elements and certain forms to support relaxation or meditation, the atmosphere of this garden can provide a sense of calm, relax, peace and good comfort.

What I mean by this writing is that, in order to find or perceive peace, relaxation, or even the depth of meditation, we need not depend on the outside supporting aspects of ourselves, though it does not mean that the various aspects of support are meaningless. The most important aspect actually is releasing awareness of all the physical, mental, and emotional attachments to realize our higher self.

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  1. I like it, its so pretty and green. It looks semi tropical too, more love. I don’t meditate but am connected to all nature. I feel at peace and so happy when enjoying the great outdoors.

  2. This is such a beautiful place! I also think that the first place where we should look for peaceand happiness is inside ourselves, but this place can certainly help the task.