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Nolina – Elephant foot

Nolina is a very exotic plant that makes customers often think it belongs to the family of palm trees. Although originally from tropical regions, nin is not a demanding plant and is easy to nurture in home conditions, especially if you have central heating.

Nolina is native to Mexico and Guatemala, and belongs to the Agave family. It is distinguished by long, thin green leaves that grow at the top of the tree and like a green fountain falling to the ground. The tree is light brown with thickening in the lower part, which is why it resembles an ivory foot. In its natural habitat it grows to a height of up to 10 meters, but it is of course much smaller at home. Due to its tropical origin, it is used to drought and sun, which makes it very resistant and unpretentious when it comes to care. The elephant’s leg is growing very slowly. Since its development from the seed is long awaited, often on the market can be found larger specimens of this plant at high prices. Since it is assumed that such plants are actually “stolen” from the original habitat, the elephant’s leg is under protection in nature.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. It is indeed a very different looking plant and I guess it is just made for me because I do NOT have a green thumb at all. All the plants that I have had have died way too early. Since this one does not seem to need too much care, it would be perfect for me. On the plus side, it is such a different looking plant that I would be able to impress all the one or two visitors that I get. Thank you for introducing such an exotic but beautiful looking plant and tree.


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