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The miraculous power of baking soda

It is important to know what can be used and for what purposes. As far as baking soda can be used in different ways for treating, cleaning, cooking, updating, maintenance and much more.

I have some time tried to use natural remedies for cleaning the relief of my health problems, etc.

Among other things, I use a lot of baking soda.

Here are a few suggestions for the use of baking soda.

  1. Make Organic baking powder –  mix 2 parts of tartar, 1 part baking soda and one part cornstarch. In addition to the nutrition baking powder can be used for home cleaning. This is great for removing stains from coffee or tea.
  2. Even can be used to extinguish small fires (fat, fabrics, electrical cables, etc.) Even sprinkle on the fire.
  3. Soak the fruit and vegetables in a solution of baking soda and water. Soda will soften the water and brought more fruits and vegetables. You will notice that the fruits and vegetables firmer. Washed with water.
  4. Trash waste sprinkle a little baking soda before it was inserted into a bag for trash. This will help remove the smell.
  5. Soak diapers in a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate prior to washing in a washing machine.
  6. Stains on the oils and fats are removed with clothing, if you add water to the washing soda.
  7. Clean refrigerator and freezer, such that the moist cloth is applied baking soda and wipe the surface. Rinse with water. The refrigerator and freezer will smell if you have it open container of baking soda, which is necessary for the stirring occasionally. Replace it every two months.
  8. Soda completely eliminates the smells of cat. At the bottom of the container placed an even and cover with three times the amount of sand for the cat.
  9. When washing laundry in the washing machine always add half a cup of baking soda. Washing machine cleaned once a month to put in washing machine soda and lemon and allow to empty the machine carry out a wash.


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