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Cactus in a Small Pot – Help Me Choose Which Ones To Buy!

Hi guys!

I’m planning to buy a Cactus for my new apartment. I will be moving out next week to my new apartment and it has a great space for plants. I’ve always wanted to buy a Cactus but I don’t have enough space in my old apartment. But since I will be moving out in a new and big spaced apartment, I can now buy some. Cactus are great plants and they’re so beautiful! I have a list below, I don’t know what to buy first that’s why I need your help guys. Hehe. Please vote on which kind of cactus I have to buy first. I will buy the top 3 you guys will pick after I move out. I’m so excited to buy them. I actually want to buy them all but I still don’t have enough money. LOL! I will slowly buy them but please help me pick the first three to buy. ? ^_^



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  1. No’s 6 & 7 are easier to care for. The ones with the ‘knobby’ heads tend to shrivle & rot far to easily.
    I am no expert, but I am growing fifteen catci & several sucuulents, some are five/six feet high now.
    I have never had any luck. long term. with those ‘knobbly’ little chaps.
    Hope this helps?

    • Wow. Thank you so much for the info. It’s a big help! I haven’t researched how to care for cactus yet because I’m kinda busy at work. But tomorrow is my day off so I’m gonna do my best to learn how to take care of cactus. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha! Yes! They are all so lovely and it’s really hard to choose just three! I couldn’t buy them all at once as I don’t have enough money yet. But I will slowly buy them 1 by 1 until I have all! XD

    • HAhaha. I think so too! But I can’t just yet. I don’t have enough money to buy all of them at once so I’ll slowly buy them one by one. They’re just so lovely! All of them. That’s why it’s so hard to choose just three. XD

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