Tips and ideas for the luxurious interior – Earth colors create a harmony

Color science is a very serious matter. And it exists from time immemorial. That the colors rise certain emotions, sensations, tells a lot about your personality and even determines the health has been known since ancient times. It has already been noticed that the color may be sensory, viable, expressive or soothing, passively or actively.

Home is a place where we want to feel comfortable. And so that we can have a good rest, it has to surround us with calm atmosphere. The contrasting and bright colors rarely fascinate us. Careful interior is perhaps the most common choice. The colors of the earth are dominated not only in our outfit, but also in the dwellings. However, this does not mean that such an interior can be boring.

Or maybe it’s better to look at it not as a coherence of the color of the earth, but as a piece of great confectionery? Here are chocolate-colored bedspreads, latte-colored walls, icing sugar ceilings and cinnamon-colored table lamps with golden dust stands (gold superbly fit to brown color) … And in a condensed milk colored carpet, a cocoa couch and cake color’s cushions. So let’s see how delicate can be the whole palette of brown shades – from ivory, sand to caramel, black chocolate.

The boredom will dissipate:

  •  combinations of different textures (brown taffeta curtains and velvet pillows)
  •  combinations of colors of the same palette (light and dark)
  •  various patterns and prints (floral motifs, geometric shapes)
  •  bright accents, such as turquoise, lettuce, red, lilac, fuchsia vases (pots), pillows, mats, newspaper stands or blankets.

The art of creating the Earth’s environment begins with the discovery of colors. Think about the colors most are in nature. Colors such as blue, pink, red, or yellow are meant to stand out. However, this is never a permanent color environment. So, we should imagine classic and always earth-like colors as the background in which bright colors spikes occur. And this, in particular, is green, gray and black. Choose gray, sand, earth, ivory, brown colors as the base. Match them with different shades of green.

Green has plenty of tones, so you do not need to shine like a green traffic light. Match these colors according to what you like. Do you want greener or just sandy colors to make your home look brighter? However, you will notice the coziness of a home, and how good it is to relax, when these colors predominate in your house.

Light green tones give freshness; the dark tones give the impression of refined solidity. The color of nuts, its shades and expressive wood texture for the interior provide warmth and luxury. The tones of the sand, stone, wood and other natural materials create harmony in the interior. The surfaces painted in these warm earth tones are a great base for luxurious furnishings.


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Written by Fortune

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  1. Just from a palette standpoint alone, earth tones are easy to match. When you consider the selection we naturally have, it becomes that much more simple and likely to find a suitable match. Personally I prefer to stick with neutrals, but that’s just me…

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