Interior ideas: table in the dining room

The table at home is not only furniture, but also the place for the whole family to gather, and not only during the holidays. So, it’s worth finding a place for it, especially since colorful chairs or an original table can be a great accent for the interior. Here are some ideas for combining massive wooden tables and lightweight design chairs, as well as interior solutions, where and how to place a table to draw attention, but harmoniously fit in the entire space.

Despite the fact that fast eating is convenient nowadays and the next time you even eat in a rush, at the computer or in other places, it’s still a welcome tradition to gather together at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dining tables vary from deluxe to functional and stylish.

If you want a neat, practical table and you do not have to worry about every scratch, choose a laminated table surface. Unlike wood, it is more resistant to fever and moisture. Even more solid – double laminate.

Do not forget that the glass is different for now – not so sensitive to heat and shock. Glass tables are not only beautiful and fit in the modern interior, but they also visually expand the space. Another advantage – this table will not overshadow the beautiful chairs.

The combination of different materials is one of the trends in modern furniture design.

Often glass is combined with wood.

A very nice combination – a glass surface and a base made of metal or stone.

Extremely robust table surface – made of marble pieces. A great choice for the kitchen or dining room, and you can choose a color to suit other kitchen furniture, floors, lamps and stone surfaces. In the living room, such a table would make an interesting coffeehouse impression. There are tables with natural stone surfaces. They are beautiful, gorgeous, and only more suitable for spacious rooms with an appropriate style. A luxurious marble table definitely obliges.
  • To make the table comfortable

Choose a table not only by the room space, but also habits, lifestyle, attitude to food, family size. How many people live in your house? Do you all dine together? Do you arrange a gala dinner? Answer these questions. You may find that you do not need a large dining table at all.

The average size of the table is 120 and 80 centimeters. Such table is enough for six people. The average chairs width is 40 centimeters. It’s easy to calculate how long table you need.

Be sure to sit down at the table as you always sit, place your elbows on the edge. The average height of a regular dining table is 75 – 76 centimeters. There are also lower models – 70 centimeters. It seems a few centimeters lower but some people feel discomfort. A slight increase in the height of the table can be achieved using special pads. Remember that the distance between the table surface and the chair must be large enough to fit legs freely.

The dining table usually comes in two shapes: rectangular or round. You may feel more comfortable to eat and talk at the round table, but this table needs free space on all sides. But a rectangle that can fit perfectly to the wall.

Furniture from natural materials creates a cozy atmosphere even in the spacious dining room. To the wooden furniture you can combine the leather chair backrests, table decorate with clay or wooden dishes.

When you put a round dining table you will avoid formalities and create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.  At this table you can eat even one or two people conveniently.

For more color and variety, choose bright, interesting shaped dining chairs. They can be of the same or different colors. A white or glass-shaped, modern table is perfect for such chairs.

To create a cozy atmosphere, put an original soft carpet after a dining table. Combine it with other interior furniture and accessories.

An integral part of the dining table accent is a massive hanging lamp. Hang it at a height to illuminate the faces and food of people sitting around the desk, but do not block your interlocutor.


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