Wine Tasting as an Artform

I enjoy going to art galleries to check out the artwork on display, as well as sampling different wines, crackers, and cheeses—vegan and vegetarian. I recently tasted three white wine bottles, and I was surprised that the white wines tasted very sweet. In the past, since my high school years, I have always felt that white wines tasted too dry, and I preferred red wines because they were very sweet.

And, I have actually tasted some red wines that tasted like grape juice more than liquor. When I was 12, my family went to Paris, France one summer, and I tasted some of their wines. One actually tasted like grape juice.

In 1986, I went to Frankfurt, Germany with my mother, and we decided to go to a brewery with a tour group, which was interesting.

But here is a recent list of some wines that I tasted at a local art gallery reception.

  1. California Chardonnay—Callaway Cellar Selection Vintage 2013
  2. Villa Sonia—Pinot Grigio—Venezia 2014
  3. Picton Bay—Marlborough—Sauvignon Blanc 2014
  4. Ocarossa—Cuvee-Russo Italia
  5. Lagranja—Tempranillo Garnacha 2014—Spain
  6. Vinas Chilenas—Chile—Cabernet Sauvignon 2014—Rerserva—Valle Central

From the three red wines that I tasted, Lagranja was a little sharp tasting, Vinas Chilenas was very smooth and creamy flavored, and Ocarossa Italia was sweet-flavored. The three white wines had a better taste. As I get older, I seem to enjoy white wine more.


What do you think?


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