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High School Art

In high school, I thought I was a brilliant artist and could do anything I wanted.  When I started art college, it all changed.  I was told to stick with crafting and that my work was no good.  I was not an artist at all and was asked why I even tried.  It is very discouraging for teachers to tell their students this kind of criticism.  I was not prepared for that, so I dropped out of school and never returned.

Many decades later, someone saw my work and asked why I had quit.  So, I have been dabbling here and there.  One day, I will seriously paint again.


This painting could go along with Coldplay's song now!  I had wanted a experiment around with color and space more.  Again I found a photo in a magazine, thinking I could make this happen.  I loved the monkey.  I enjoyed the texture of the piece.  Later, I incorporated the star design in another painting that turned out well too.


I am not very creative with titles, I apologize.  Sometimes it is what it is.  It is a Heron.  Chattahoochee's Technical College's school mascot, or used to be in the nineties.  A very graceful bird, my mother had several bronze and brass herons around the house to spark an interest in painting one.


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