What Were Your Favorite Subjects In School?

What were your favorite and/or least favorite subjects in school?

I always enjoyed classes like choir and art.  I found them to be fun and there was no pressure in them. I didn’t have to pass tests to pass the class, I just had to do the projects/ assignments.

As far as my least favorite? History and science would fall under that category. I just got bored easily in those classes and would rather be doing other things.

Math and English classes were somewhere in between those two categories. I did alright in those classes, but they were not always the most fun or interesting. I usually was pretty good at math and passed all my high school math classes until I got to Precalculus.

Then I went to college and things were so different.  I did not get to take easy classes like art or choir.  I had a full schedule of history, science, math and english all at once (and they definitely weren’t high school level anymore).

As for failing classes, in high school I failed history in 9th grade and had to retake it as a senior to be able to graduate. That’s the only class I failed (before college).

In college I actually failed one of my English classes.  I think that is mostly because I did not do one of the projects during the class. I also failed math and science classes in college and had to retake them.  Had that not happened, I probably would have received my degree. I may go back one day and finish but I am not sure.

What about you? What were your best subjects as well.  Did you fail any classes?

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What do you think?


  1. i was bored to death in elementary school and high school. i thought all the classes were a joke. but i just did the basics and moved on. i wasnt really motivated to work hard in elementary school and high school. i learned at a young age that if i wanted to learn anything, i had to teach myself and do all the work, which includes lots of research and lots of reading. So, I think all my real learning was during my college years, UCI, WU, and Platt, as well as all the research on the internet, better known as the University of WWW.

  2. Oh I was a horrible student, but I had fun. I always slid by with my C’s and D’s. I once got an F in History. My favs were of course ART and P. E. haha. My favorite real class was spelling and english.