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What is Biophilia?

At first glance, I would think it had to do with the molesting of plants or fondling plants. But it is actually kind of close. Biophilia is a “secret marriage between human and plants” because humans have a special attraction and bond with organisms, such as certain plants. Some people actually talk to plants. It is all about having an innate relationship with plants.

Moreover, it is very healthy to have plants inside your home because plants lower your blood pressure and insulin as well as help you relax.

If you happen to suck in green thumb like me, consider spending some time in a place where there is nature, such as a park. Take your hammock, a good book or magazine, and just relax for an hour or two. Another option might involve going to a nature of a place, such as walking on a path in a forest, like maybe a hiking trail. This is a good option if you want to interact with others, chat, and meet new faces, as you get a good walking or hiking workout, depending on the route or trail. For others who prefer to stay indoors, analogs include doing natural green-themed patterns, such as eating a green diet or using green décor. Even better, go vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan! After a certain period, you will notice that your health will likely improve.

People, who are interconnected with organisms, including plants, often use plants in their meditation. This meditative experience involves focusing on a sunflower for a couple of minutes. It improves overall focus and concentration as well as lowers blood pressure and heart rate. It even calms down diabetics.

In home décor design, Biophilia can be used with light, water and plants to create a visually appealing calming room or patio. The nature in space has to do with parks and wetland areas, while nature of space is a particular organization. Natural analogs are art, décor, and decoration.

(I added a snapshot from one of my hiking meetups).


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