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Vegeburger Recipe

There are a lot of recipes, but this one is simple and all you. It is going to be your taste.

Unlike others, this one is very easy, and you make the burgers in a microwave.  It takes a few minutes.

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You begin with any kind of legumes you like.  I usually use chick peas.  But you can use anything from butter beans to black peas.

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You crush them with any seasoning you like.  I like pepper.  I use jerk seasoning and a new product they make here called ginger pepper which is amazing.  If you can’t find it, use chutney.

You add a little oil to the mush, I use olive, sometimes coconut.  Nothing else, although I once tried sesame which wasn’t bad.

The next step, in another container, is instant oatmeal pour soya sauce on it.


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You can use plain soya or half soya half barbecue.  You’re going to make the oatmeal brown.

Now you mix the two together. If you want to add breadcrumbs cause it is too moist, some other seasoning cause it is too dry, go ahead. It is your taste.


The first time you make this what you have to do is have a ‘test’ burger.  A little tiny bite of a burger. Use very little seasoning on this first test.  The mixture is virtually unseasoned, so that you get a feel for the basic flavour.

After the first test you season another test case as you feel it should be done, and try it. If you’ve gotten it right, you season the batch.

On this first test you are going to experiment with  flavour, cooking time, how crisp or soft you want it. You may find it is ‘missing’ something or has too much of something else.

Once you’ve got it right, you do the whole batch and then make the mixture into balls. Make as many as you want. You are testing to see that the mix sticks together. If it doesn’t, more oil more breadcrumbs, but usually it sticks cause you squeeze it together. Now you put a little oil on a plate, put down your balls and squash them a little, and pop into a micro for two minutes.

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When the bell dings, wait a minute or so, then take them out, flip them, then back in for another minute.

Let them sit a minute, then check them. If they are raw looking, another minute, if they seem almost done, fine.

Now put them into a freezer container, save the one you will eat now.

The one you will eat now goes back into the micro for another minute then you have the bun and what ever else you’ll use, such as vege cheese or tomato, and eat.

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Having a batch in the freezer always gives you a meal when you are rushed.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


    • I usually mush the peas, mix the seasoning I want while I’m mushing, then use the Barbque sauce and soy mix it up with the mush peas, and it’s done. It’s cheap, fast, eash.

  1. i haven’t tried making vegan burgers from scratch. i mostly buy them in the grocery store under vegan section. it looks like too much work as well as i am always hunting for certain ingredients.

  2. My son tried a similar recipe. Let’s just say I could imagine it being used for cement. LOL. He’s not the greatest cook. But at least he is trying to eat healthy. He is turning away from eating a lot of meat.