9 Different Vegan Burgers

I remember eating a vegan mushroom burger at Veggie Grill, and it was really good but very sloppy, that I called it vegan sloppy joes. I was wondering about making my own version in the future. So, I decided to watch some YouTube videos. But no matter what the video recipe states, I always end up doing the recipe my way because I don’t like some of the ingredients that some people use. I would rather substitute certain ingredients with something else.

#1 How to Make a Vegan Pulled BBQ Mushroom Sandwich

This first video's recipe looked quite tasty. But I don't want to use a grill. I am not a cook because my food is very basic and simple. I prefer to make raw vegan recipes most of the time, but I will occasionally cook simple vegan and vegetarian dishes, or even just microwave food to heat or reheat. 

I like most of the ingredients, except the sugar. But I think I will still use olive oil or maybe coconut oil. This vegan mushroom burger looks like another vegan sloppy joe. 

#2 6 vegan burger recipes

  1. chickpeas, flax meal, water, mushroom, flour, breadcrumbs, and salt burger.
  2.  beans, quinoa, tomato paste, basil, salt, and oregano burger
  3. cauliflower, lentils, olive oil, salt, breadcrumbs, and water burger
  4. frozen peas, frozen kale, frozen broccoli, onion, breadcrumbs, and water
  5. zucchini, beans, and breadcrumbs burger
  6. chickpeas, pineapple, jalapeno, and breadcrumbs burger.

#4 My vegan/vegetarian dish

This vegan dish reminds me of the "vegan sloppy joe" burger that I had at Veggie Grill because it had a lot of ingredients, which includes lots of sauce, mushrooms, onion rings and I am not sure what else, but the burger was hard to hold because it kept falling apart like a sloppy joe. I don't remember its exact title, but I called it a sloppy joe because it was fun to eat. I ate it one night after a hiking meetup because I had a craving for a Veggie Grill dish.


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      • That’s a good point.
        I eat less meat now than I did years ago, not for any reason besides knowing that good food does not have to have a meat content to make it tasty or nutritious.
        But when I have a ‘meat free’ meal, like a mushroom stroganoff, stir fry or pasta dish, I like it to look like what it is, not something else… Maybe that is just me, I don’t know. But I’m trying those vegan burgers anyway!

    • I think it’s because some vegetarians and vegans have choosen not to eat animal products for ethical reasons, and not necessarily because they hate the taste. Presentation is important too, and it helps for people who have just started this lifestyle. However, it can have the opposite effect on non-vegans. From my experience, they’d be even more disappointed that it doesn’t taste like what they expected. Anyway, the recipes are wonderful and look delicious! 🙂

      • I can understand the ethical thoughts, to a degree, but I am unsure about the taste. I once worked in a restaurant which did a mean veggy dish, a type of nut loaf/burger type thingy! It took off big style and hundreds of people came to eat it and so many said it was the best and tastiest vegetarian dish they had ever eaten.
        When the chef’s changed people started to comment that it no longer tastred the same, even though the recipe was strictly followed…to the letter.
        It was a mystery until the original chef confessed of cooking the dish in goose fat…. So, much is in the mind and not of the pallet.

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