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Saher cake

Original Saher cake according to the recipe of the Vienna Hotel “Saher”. Many adore this treat, but the only real cheese cake can only be found in the famous Vienna Hotel “Sacher”.


This ancient, perhaps the most famous cake in the world, is protected by the souvenir of the Austrian capital.

One of my favorite cakes, and also one of the most famous cakes in the world is the Viennese Queen of Sweets.


The biscuit ingredients are as follows

  • 75 g sugar,
  • 1 bags of vanilla sugar
  • 1,45 g butter,
  • 6 eggs,
  • 150 g chocolate for cooking,
  • Prestohost salts,
  • 50 g of sugar powder,
  • 150 g wheat sharp flour,
  • 1 cup powder for pastries.

The glaze ingredients are:

  • 60 g of butter and
  • 200 g of chocolate for cooking.


  • 200 g of apricot jam.


In a dish of dried sugar, vanilla sugar, soften butter and mix with a mixer. Then add the yolk and continue to mix again. Separately, dissolve chocolate in steam and so soak it lightly pour into the prepared mixture, continuously mixing. The whites needs to be separately moistened, salted, added and powdered sugar and well faded. One-third of the protein received is lightly mixed in the prepared first mixture, and mixed with flour and baking powder in the rest of the cheese.

After all, connect both mixtures. The mixture needs to be cooked for 45-50 minutes at 180 degrees. After the baked bread is cooled, it should be cut horizontally into two parts. Half of the jam is spread over the lower half of the cake, and the other half to the top of the cake. For the glaze, dissolve the butter in light frying, stir gently, add chocolate and stir until the chocolate is completely dissolved. Finish the finished glaze over the cake.The cake must be removed from the fridge, approximately 30 minutes before serving, in order to make the glaze a little soft and not to cracked when cutting.

Serve with a little cream or ice cream.

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