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Well guys, in my home my mother love to drink tea. She takes tea at least 3 times in a day and sometimes 4 times and my relatives they also drink tea too much. But as I am child of my mommy I never drink tea and also I don’t like it. Whenever I am ill, like having flu I drink tea otherwise I never drink it. But I know how to make tea when someone wants it. So sometimes I make tea otherwise my sister does.

So I decided to tell you my personal tea recipe.

Take a pan and pour water – if you want two cups of tea then add two cups. It’s up to you, so I take four cups of water then put 5 tbsp.of sugar into the pan and then mix it until sugar will be dissolved properly. Then I put 4 tbsp.Tea leaf powder and then mix it again. After 5 minutes you will feel smell of tea and that time pour one and half cup of milk into the pan and cook your tea at least for 5 minutes. And your tea is ready to drink.

Enjoy with your family and friends with cookies and biscuit.

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