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Insights Into Negative Calorie Foods

Most dieters are acquainted with calories. Even though a calorie is a measurement of heat energy, foods contain calories and every activity we have burns them. Having a diet that is excessively high in calories usually means that a person may experience weight gain. It is no wonder that people who are wanting to lose weight often focus on the calories that are in the foods they eat. Different foods contain varying numbers of calories. 

Diets that are based on caloric intake must also consider the activities of the person on the diet. For example, a healthy 150-pound person who sits for a half-hour burns about 40 calories. The same person who takes a leisurely walk or who cleans the house burns about 103 calories in a half-hour. If the person works in the garden, they can expect to burn 153 calories in a half hour. 

All of this is old news. What lots of people don’t consider, though, is that calories are also burned when food is digested. Depending on the food, some of the things we eat can actually take more calories to burn than the food contains. These are called negative calorie foods because the net result of consuming them is negative calories in the caloric intake. You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few negative calorie foods. One example that has already been written about is celery, but there are more.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • It might be worthwhile, for your health, to figure out ways to include the others in your diet more often. There are several vegetables that I don’t care for if they are prepared in one way, but I love them if they are prepared in another way. The challenge, and it can be fun, is to find the ways to prepare the veggies so you’ll like them. That is a matter of personal taste, no pun intended.

    • My wife and daughter love beets, but they prefer them pickled. I use beet juice when I make pickled eggs, mostly because of the beautiful shade of pink they turn the eggs. However, I don’t think that qualifies as eating beets. LOL

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