Garden on the balcony

I am planning on making my own little garden on my balcony. I do not have any land where I can plant some vegetables, so I decided to use some small boxes in order to plant some vegetables in them. Today, most vegetables of questionable quality are bought in supermarkets.

Many of us are convinced that, if we do not have the time, knowledge and energy, we can not have our own garden and therefore are condemned to purchase. However, to cultivate food you can only have a few boxes in several squares of your living space. You can grow a herbaceous plant on a window pan, balcony or even in the living room. At a minimum space you can get some vegetables that will greatly improve the quality of your diet and serve both as a relaxation and fun.

The advantage of this kind of breeding is that plants will grow faster and more abundantly than those in the garden due to timely rejuvenation and irrigation, and will not have problems with birds, snails and some other bugs. So you can plant lettuce, radish, garlic, herbs, legumes and strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and spinach, as well as zucchini, berry fruits and potatoes.

I have decided that I will plant for the beginning parsley, lettuce and green onion. These vegetables I use a lot and I simply love them. I eat them on a daily basis. So, why not use that free space on my balcony and do something good for myself and my family.  Do you have a garden on your balcony? Share your experience.

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  1. A great idea, my Dad was unable to have regular garden in his later years, so he would plant what he called a “pot garden”. I would kid him about the name but he really enjoyed it. Good memories.