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It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

This product is geared towards coffee drinkers or those that like to drink coffee occasionally and don’t want to have a ice coffee tasting watery just because of the ice that gets melted by the temperature running through your iced coffee.

In this video there are 2 tests done. One just regular brewing an ice coffee and the other one using the HyperChiller to show the differences between brewing ice coffee and using the HyperChiller.

What is the HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker?

The HyperChiller makes perfect iced coffee, iced tea or other iced beverages in only 60 seconds without diluting your drink. You fill the HyperChiller with water and leave it in the freezer. Pour your hot beverage into the HyperChiller and 1 minute later your got a perfectly chilled drink. You can even place the HyperChiller directly below your single serve coffee maker for instant iced coffee.


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