This Is Dedicated To All Work From Home’rs

That means you! Hey, guys, when everyone scoots off to their 9 to 5 jobs and, why the hell should they not? Cos, what have we got, (just used this because it rhymes, chuckle.) Still, some of us chose to work from home, while the rest of us just got screwed into our W.F.H. (Work From Home) jobs!

A typical day starts, as the phone rings: “I’m working, There’s a slight pause, then the answer comes: “chuckle, chuckle, yeah right! working hard or hardly working?” There a slight pause again: “Wow Dad how many times must I tell you, just because my office is at home, does not mean that I…”Never mind, I gotta go!”

It’s 9 in the AM, and I dive out of bed, I check my Facebook page to see what anyone said. Then I step out of my sleeping sweats, into my working sweats and commute to my office, it’s just 39 steps away.

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Now I get the kids’ lunches packed. I tell them to have a great day and open my laptop and attempt making some headway.

I send Greg an email, he never responds for at least an hour. So while I wait for Greg, I’m wondering, should I watch Sportscenter again? or perhaps Al and Matt Lauer.

Before I start working, I’ve got to wake up. Wait, what’s this she wrote, are we really out of K-cups!? I check Facebook again, the conference call’s at 10. I’ve got to put my phone on mute to let the bug killer guy in.

I’m on the conference call now, also got the mute, button on because I’m in the doctor’s surgery, buck naked!  I see my phone’s light flashing and scramble for it, a clients’ busy discussing something with me, so I unmute it, what’s that he said? “Yeah, uh, sure, uhm, I agree?”

So, you thought this was an easy job, just because I’m my own boss, but see if you can get something done, being your own boss while you can do anything.

The workday’s never over when you’re working from home. It’s hard being stuck here alone,

hardly working from home. Let’s share this one A’right?

Now I’m at the coffee shop to avoid distractions at home. The WiFi’s so slow here, I can’t download an attachment. This business guy’s on about, “Can we try and quote them a bit higher?’ Can’t hear myself think, then I see my friend Tyler. I look around and try to find a charging socket for my phone. I think I see one and ask this guy with a drone: “Sir, can you scoot out a little bit?” He’s like, “Sorry man. I’ve got to charge up my phone. ” I’m like, “Two phones, a Discman, Hey man, is that a drone as well?” Huh?

Another guy shouts, “Hey man, I’ve got this thing that’ll charge up your phone.”  ” By the way, I’ve been wanting to know, did you ever get- Grrrrr, (the coffee grinder starts up) “Did you ever—” (now the percolator starts steaming)

A smiling waitress hands me a coffee: “A Latte for Tribb?”

“I’ve got a deadline. I’ve got to get back to close a deal,” but my wife’s like, “take the kids, they’re late for their practices.”

I’m home, checking’ the mail for a check because I’m tired of being thrifty. Ugh, my best client pays a basic of $250, ($250 rhymes with thrifty)

So, again, do you still think this is an easy job? Just because I have no boss, I have to try getting something done while you can do anything you like or nothing. The workday’s never over when you’re working from home, even making deals on the throne, It’s hardly a work from home business.

I can’t fax, we can’t fax, we can’t fax because we don’t have fax machines. We can’t fax. I do have an inkjet printer, but it can’t fax. And, you thought this was an easy job, but just because you’re the boss, you try getting anything done while, the truth is, you can still do anything. The workday’s never over when you work from home, but I had time to bake my own scones while I was hardly working from home.

Why did that guy in the coffee shop have a drone?

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    • I love your comment, Rachael, Indeed, you and the many others that so often get passed by where public accolades in halls of fame, are handed out. You and the many non-gender-centric others, the writers, housekeepers, frail caregivers and other work from homer’s are the very people who I had in mind with this expose’.
      When I think of the many who, either by choice or through circumstance ply their craft, be it teaching, marketing or in my case, writing from home, I’m reminded of these immortal words by Marc Benioff, where he talks about how people having to function remotely, often feel devalued:”The people who lose their relevance get stuck in the past because they are no longer in the present moment.’

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