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10 Vegetables That Are High In Calcium

Most people are probably aware that they need to include calcium in their diet. In fact, adults need about 1,000 mg of calcium per day.

What most people think of when they think of a high-calcium food is usually milk, cream, butter, cheese, and other dairy products. These are indeed quite high in calcium and many doctors even suggest consuming plenty of dairy products.

However, many people are lactose intolerant. Others may be on diets that preclude milk and such foods. Still others have chosen to follow a vegan lifestyle, which means that they don’t consume dairy products at all.

Thankfully, there are many vegetables and fruits that contain calcium. If sufficient quantities are added to the diet, it is often unnecessary to take calcium supplements.

What are some of the calcium-rich plants? Here are some of them. Which do you commonly include in your diet?


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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • My wife has osteoporosis so she has to consume high levels of calcium every day. Between the three of us, we go through a gallon of milk every 2-3 days and about 2 pounds of cheese, or more, per week. We eat quite a few of the high calcium vegetables, though that is mostly because we like them. The extra calcium is just an added benefit. :))

      My wife still takes daily supplements, though, because of the osteoporosis.

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