Renovate Old Clothes into the Latest Fashion Trends

I decided to post this do-it-yourself video to upgrade old clothing by giving clothes a modern and new look because I have done similar things to my old clothes.

  1. Fake fur trim—I actually store-bought a cute blouse from Neiman Marcus when I was working there for the holidays. They had a really good sale, and I bought lots of cute and elegant clothes on sale. One was the long sleeve black blouse with leopard print trim on the collar and narrow belt.
  2. Pierced Beret—I do something similar but I don’t destroy my beret. I like to add one pretty pin for décor, in which makes my beret looks stylish and elegant when I want to wear a dressy outfit with a nice hat.
  3. Embellishments on camisole—I did similar embellishments by sewing, as well as sticking with little metal pieces, pretty and colorful gem-like beads on one of my denim jackets, back in the 90s. I still have that jacket, and I occasionally wear it for fun.
  4. Racing Stripes—I don’t think I have done this one, but I own a lot of striped clothes since the 80s.
  5. Renovating old denim jacket—I have done something similar, but I didn’t destroy my denim jacket. Instead, I just added some fun and colorful iron-on patches and pins for décor. I still have that jacket and I still wear it at casual activities.

Share your latest renovated clothes or accessory ideas.


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