Building a Wardrobe: Easy as A, B, C

I added this video because I liked its basics. She listed a couple of basic clothing pieces, which looked like the pieces I would choose, although I don’t like her print dress. For some reason, that dress reminds me of a spinster dress.

A. When putting a wardrobe together, it is important to create a basic skeleton of pieces to create the foundation of an outfit. It usually includes basic and traditional items in neutral colors with can easily mix and match with other items that you own, including trendy items. It should include 10 basics: blazer, denim pants, white shirt, pencil skirt, short skirt, denim jacket, white tee shirt, sweater, long cardigan, legging, and khaki pants

B. Add extras, which include trendy items that you absolutely love, such as prints, haute couture, colorful, asymmetric, lace, metallic, and angular clothing. Consider one of these for accent, whether color, texture, design, or print.

C. Add certain accessories that will serve as the accent to the outfit, whether because of the color, statement piece, or stylish. Accessories include shoes, purses, jewelry, hats, scarf, gloves, and other extras.


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