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2017 TOP 10 Fashion Trends

I decided to post this video because I agree with her top 10 trends for 2017. I have also noticed these trends somewhere, whether in fashion magazines, malls, and/or fashion videos. So, I decided to list her top 10 trends, but add my own commentary or view on each, which is based on my own personal fashion style.

  1. Gingham print—I think this is a classic print, but I have two bathing suits with gingham prints that I bought back in 1995 from a Washington J. Crew outlet, near Seattle
  2. Tinted lens sunglasses and I have noticed rose and purple in magazines. But mentions yellow is popular, as well. (Yeah, I have seen these colored sunglasses lens in California Style Magazine).
  3. Dress over the pants outfit, in which I think is the bohemian outfit, and I have been wearing this style since I was 6 in 1971. But, nowadays, I like wearing dresses over leggings.
  4. Popular colors include pink, red, and yellow. I agree because I have seen these colors everywhere, mostly in fashion magazines and fashion runway videos, for the past couple of months since spring.  I actually think these three colors would really look good together as a color-block outfit, which can be very fun, modern, and retro.
  5. The pink bimbo look, promoting Playboy and Victoria’s Secret style, which she describes as “The Paris Hilton look, which is the same thing because Paris is a stupid bimbo. She adds that Brand Name clothing will be popular again, as many people will be wearing and promoting certain popular brands as the new trendy style. I think these styles also look very 80s because I notice lots of tube tops, which I haven’t much since the 80s and 90s.
  6. A classic white button-up shirt is worn in many different ways, which is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe.
  7. Patent Vinyl look—I have always liked patent accessories, such as shoes and purses.But she also talks about patent vinyl clothes.
  8. Mules—I have always liked mules and clogs, and I consider them classic shoes. I have been wearing them since the 80s and 90s.
  9. Ruffles—but big and bold on dresses, shirts, and pants, whether tiered and singles. I have noticed ruffles everywhere during spring and summer. They look fun and flirty, but sometimes they appear too youthful and childish on an adult woman. But, I think, if worn properly, it can make an older woman, who wants to look younger than her age, look young again, without looking silly or trying to look young.
  10. Cowboy hats—seem to be the trendy hat for 2017. I haven’t really heard about that one, but I do have a cowboy hat I got from someone who didn’t want hers anymore. I never really liked cowboy hats, but hers looked good quality, and I thought I would wear it as a trendy piece if it becomes stylish in the future to update my wardrobe.


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